Welcome to The Imagineering Toolbox!

Welcome to The Imagineering Toolbox, “A Model for the Creative Process Inspired by Disney Theme Parks.”

As I wrote in my book The Imagineering Pyramid, I believe one of the best models for creativity is found in the design and development of Disney theme parks, a practice better known as Imagineering. In that book I explored 15 Imagineering principles and practices and how they can used in other creative fields, including game design, instructional design, and management & leadership.

I plan to use this site to continue the discussion about creativity and “Imagineering beyond the berm” that I started in The Imagineering Pyramid. There are lots of things (both little and not-so-little) that I wasn’t able to include in the The Imagineering Pyramid, and I hope to explore some of those here.

I also expect to discuss Imagineering *inside* the parks as well from time to time, but my main focus here will be to talk about how we can use Imagineering principles, practices, and processes with our own creative projects.

Stay tuned for more. In my first few posts, I’ll start by talking more about what you can expect to find when you look inside the Imagineering Toolbox.

Thanks for joining me!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Imagineering Toolbox!

  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your book today while doing some research into Disney Imagineering, and I’m so glad I did! From the excerpts I’ve read and the extra info you’ve provided here on your blog, I will definitely be purchasing your book (hopefully Amazon can ship it to Australia).
    I’m a mechanical engineering student who’d love to join the Walt Disney Imagineering team one day, so this info is like the holy grail! Even throughout my career in other industries, this info will undoubtedly be very helpful.
    Thanks so much for the work you’ve put into this and I look forward to all your future posts 🙂

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