What you can expect from the Imagineering Toolbox

So, what can you expect to see here in the Imagineering Toolbox?

News about The Imagineering Pyramidincluding reviews, announcements about posts on other blogs or sites, links to interviews (I’ve done one and have a lead on at least one more), links to new resources, and other news. I may also share some things I’ve already shared on Facebook and Twitter, just to try to spread the word about the book as widely as possible.

More from The Imagineering Pyramid: This is one of the primary goals of this site – to continue the conversation I started in The Imagineering Pyramid. This will include some ideas I wasn’t able to get into the book, such as how the Pyramid can apply to other specific fields (technical writing, presentations, retail, etc.) as well as elaborations on some of the principles.

One specific idea I want to explore is what I call “Pyramid Pairings” in which I’ll look at how various pairs of the Pyramid principles work together. The book addresses several of these, but I want to look at how each of the principles pairs with the others. For instance, how can you use Transitions and Hidden Mickeys together? How about Forced Perspective and The “it’s a small world” Effect?

Posts about items in My Imagineering Library, including reviews and links to specific books, videos, and other resources.

Progress Reports on The Imagineering Process: The Imagineering Process is the working title of the next book in the Imagineering Toolbox series. I’ve started some preliminary work on it, and will post updates when I have something worthwhile to share.

Imagineering Inside the Berm: Even though the focus of the Imagineering Toolbox is applying principles of Imagineering to creative fields “beyond the berm” I’m still pretty interested in the Imagineering that takes place inside the Disney parks, and from time to time I may post about that as well. I may even do some Imagineering Pyramid Case Studies where I look at a specific park or attraction through the lens of the Imagineering Pyramid to see how they’re making use of the various principles.

Lastly, I may also post personal news  and opinions here as well from time to time (and I generally avoid talking about politics and religion).

How often will I be posting? I expect to be posting here as many as 2-3 times per week, sometimes less, but sometimes more. This will be my first experience with blogging, so we’ll see how this goes.


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