The Imagineering Pyramid Workbook – Available Now!

One of the things that a number of readers told me they liked about The Imagineering Pyramid were the “Imagineering Checklist” questions at the end of each chapter (which are also compiled in an appendix in the book). The questions are intended to encourage readers to apply the Imagineering Pyramid to their own creative projects.

I wanted to take that idea one step further and provide an easy-to-use tool to help with this, and so I created a workbook designed to help you apply the principles outlined in the book to your own creative projects and ideas.


For each of the principles in the Imagineering Pyramid, the workbook provides the Imagineering Pyramid Checklist questions along with space where you can jot down answers to the questions and notes about how you can apply the principle to your project.

You can download the Imagineering Pyramid workbook here.  The workbook is also available from the Resources page.

So what are you waiting for? Go download the workbook and start Imagineering your own creative ideas today!


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