The Pyramid in Practice – Creative Intent and Frozen Ever After

This post looks at another example of how the Imagineering Pyramid principles are practiced in the parks, this time Creative Intent in the new Frozen Ever After attraction at Epcot.

(©2016, courtesy of Brent Dodge)

Let me start with a refresher on Creative Intent, described on page 27 in The Imagineering Pyramid as follows:

“Creative intent can be thought of as the specific design goals the designers want to accomplish with a specific project. Put another way, a project’s creative intent defines the experience the designer hopes to create for their audience.”

Frozen Ever After opened on June 21, 2016 in the place of the Maelstrom attraction that had been part of the Norway pavilion since its earliest days. One question many fans had about this attraction is tied to its creative intent: What is the experience Guests will have when they ride Frozen Ever After?

How can we discern the creative intent of an attraction?  One place to look are park guide maps and websites which feature short descriptions that often convey (or at least hint at) each attraction’s creative intent. In this case, the Walt Disney World website provides the following description of the attraction:

Hoist the sails in Arendelle aboard an ancient Norwegian vessel as you set out into the wondrous wintery world of Frozen!

The newest Epcot guide map provides the following:

Board a wooden Viking ship and sail through the fantastical world of “Frozen.”

While helpful, those descriptions are a both little short on details. Fortunately, the attraction’s theming and pre-show both provide hints to its creative intent. Specifically, the Frozen Ever After queue features the following sign neat the load area:

(©2016, courtesy of Attractions Magazine)

This signs works in a manner very similar to the sign at the entrance to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom (see page 30 in The Imagineering Pyramid). The creative intent of the attraction is built into its theming and pre-show. On this official “Summer Snow Day”, tours of the Kingdom or Arendelle are now departing. This is the same tour that the Guests will be taking when they experience this attraction.

Note: You can view a ride-through of the Frozen Ever After, including a a walk-through of the queue, here (courtesy of Attractions Magazine).

Thoughts?  Let me know what you think in the comments!


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