My Imagineering Library – Imagineering Field Guide Indices

Most of My Imagineering Library comprises items I’ve either bought or found online, but there are a handful that I actually created myself. I know that may seem odd at first glance, but hear me out.

Some of my favorite Imagineering books are The Imagineering Field Guides by Imagineer Alex Wright. These small pocket guides provide concrete examples of Imagineering principles in practice. Don’t be fooled by their small and simple appearance; they contain a wealth of information about Imagineering, as well as lots of excellent photos and art work. These guides contains many, many references to Imagineering terms and concepts, but finding them can be a challenge, as the books do not include indices. So, as a way to help make these guides even more useful (both to myself and to other Disney researchers),  I decided to create indices for all six of the Imagineering Field Guides.


These indices note every reference to Imagineering terms and concepts, attraction names, Imagineers, and illustrations in each of the guides. After completing six individual indices, I then also combined them into a single master index of all the Imagineering Field Guides. These proved quite helpful when I was looking for examples of specific Imagineering principles while writing The Imagineering Pyramid.

These indices are all available in PDF online:

You also find them on my profile as well as in a public Dropbox folder  (you can also find links to these on the Resources page).

Thoughts? Tell me what you think in the comments!


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