The Pyramid in Practice – “Read”-ability and Fundraising

In this post I want to look at an example of using “Read”-ability in a (relatively) small project – specifically a local fundraising effort.

In the Winter of 2017, our local high school music department will be taking a trip to Walt Disney World, during which the marching band will march in a parade in Magic Kingdom, and the school’s a cappella groups will be performing at other venues.

To help support this trip, our local music booster organization plans to run a number of fundraising events. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible for the kids to earn money towards the cost of the trip. As President of the booster organization, I proposed that we wrap all of these events into a larger campaign that we could advertise around town to let folks in town know about the trip and the various fundraiser events we’ll be running. My idea was to create a logo and slogan for the campaign that would help us communicate our goals of bringing our high school music students to Walt Disney World. I wanted something that would “read” quickly and reinforce two specific ideas: Music and Disney.

The slogan I came up with was “Help us Bring Our Music to the Mouse”. I then thought to reinforce the Disney side of it by using a Disney font, and I came up with a few ideas, most of which were similar to this:


Not bad (IMO), but not great either. It was a start, but we clearly needed something better.

Fortunately, one of our music parents is a very talented graphic artist, and took my early initial sketches and ideas and came up with a bunch of ideas that put mine to shame. Following some discussion and suggestions from the fundraising team she iterated her designs (plussing her designs with each iteration), and eventually created the logo we selected for our campaign:

Music to the Mouse Logo
Designed by Tania Helhoski of BirdDesign. Tania also designed the pyramid diagrams in The Imagineering Pyramid.


I think this logo is a great example of “Read”-ability. The musical mouse head quickly conveys both Music and Disney (the two ideas we wanted to communicate), and the text helps to clarify the message. We plan to use this on various items for our campaign, including raffle tickets, posters, flyers, etc.

Thoughts? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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