My Imagineering Library – It’s Kind of a Cute Story

Here is a look at another item in My Imagineering Library: It’s Kind of a Cute Story by Rolly Crump (a former Imagineer and Disney Legend), as told to Jeff Heimbuch.


I could tell you a little about Rolly and this book, but I’ll just let my review speak for itself.

A Great Book from one of Disney’s Early Imagineers

A great book full of stories about one of the early Disney Imagineers and his work at Disney and beyond.

As a self-styled “Student of Imagineering” I had to add this book to my Imagineering library, and I’m glad I did. While the book doesn’t delve into details around design process and principles that some Imagineering books do (the stuff I like most), it does provide a higher-level look at the Imagineering process, and for that alone it’s valuable to anyone interested in understanding the art and craft of Imagineering.

This book is in essence a series of stories told by Rolly Crump, one of the first generation of Disney Imagineers. Rolly worked on many classic Disneyland attractions, including the Enchanted Tiki Room, it’s a small world, and the Haunted Mansion. These stories trace the path of Rolly’s professional life working for Disney (starting in Animation and later moving to WED/Imagineering), as well as his work outside of Disney, including projects for Circus World, Knott’s Berry Farm, Steve Wynn, the Cousteau Society, and others.

This book really showcases the breadth of Rolly’s portfolio, and it’s clear that he’s done an amazing amount of work in the themed entertainment world, including some of the better know Disney attractions.

Much of this book is based on some of the stories that originally appeared in “A Walk in the Park” an audio tour of Disneyland in which Rolly talks about the various projects he worked on at Disneyland, but this book elaborates on most of those stories. I also recognized several stories from an interview Rolly did with his co-author (Jeff Heimbuch), but again, the book expands on many of those stories.

I recommend this book to any serious Disney park fan and fans of Imagineering and themed entertainment.

[The above review was first published in August 2013 posted on Amazon and Goodreads.]

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