Sneak Peek at The Imagineering Process

Here’s another sneak peek at The Imagineering Process. This time I want to share a glimpse of what the diagrams will look like in the published book (the diagrams I’ve posted so far have been my working prototypes – my models if you will).

I also want to tease some of the ideas in the book, specifically the adaptability of the process. It’s definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all process.

First, here’s a look at the overall process:



This next diagram shows how the Imagineering Process is flexible and iterative:Imagineering_Process-4_Steps-Iteration







Lastly, this diagram shows how the process works at both the macro and micro levels:



Note: These are drafts and may change a bit, but the overall look and feel will remain the same.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear what you think!

Podcast Interview – Live From Barsaive

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Years ago I worked as a line developer for a role playing game called Earthdawn published by FASA Corporation. I referenced Earthdawn and some of the products I worked on for the game in The Imagineering Pyramid.

Recently some fans of the game started a podcast about Earthdawn called Live From Barsaive, where they talk about the game and the game’s setting (an area known as Barsaive, hence the name). I’ve been listening since the beginning, and have enjoyed the show quite a bit. It’s extremely gratifying (and humbling) to know that something I worked on so long ago (I worked on the game from 1992 through 1998) could be so well regarded.

The hosts of the show, Chad and Rachel, asked if I would be a guest on their show, and we recently recorded our episode. I had a great time. We talked for more than an hour, talking about Earthdawn,  The Imagineering Pyramid (they’re fans of Disney parks and have both read the book), and Disney parks in general.

The episode should be available soon. I’ll post again when it’s live.