Imagineering Broadway – Recap

A couple of weeks ago I posted a series of Imagineering Broadway posts, based on content that was cut from the final published version of The Imagineering Process. This post recaps the series, and provides links to all eights posts.

Imagineering Broadway looks at the process by which Broadway musicals are conceived, developed, and produced through the lens of the Imagineering Process, and how the stages of the Imagineering Process align with the development of two popular Broadway shows:  Wicked and Hamilton: An American Musical.

The Imagineering Broadway series includes:

Introduction – an introduction to the series

Part Two: Prologue – the Need behind each show, and how each show got its start

Part Three: Blue Sky – where the initial vision for each show was developed

Part Four: Concept Development – where the shows’ creative teams flesh out and develop the shows’ story, characters, songs, and other details

Part Five: Design – where various show designers begin their work of designing the stage and sets, costumes, makeup, sound, lighting, effects, and other aspects of the shows

Part Six: Construction – where all of the pieces of the shows are brought together so they can be staged and the shows can (eventually) open

Part Seven: Models – where we look at how models of different types are used during the development of a musical

Part Eight: Epilogue – when the shows opened for audiences


Thoughts? Reactions? Love it? Hate it? Please let me know in the comments!

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