An Update on Book #3, and a trip to the World


I’m making steady (if sometimes slow) progress on book #3 of The Imagineering Toolbox series. I still have a few chapters left to write (I think I’m at about 80-85% complete), but have enough done that I plan to do some proofreading and editing on the plane.

Where am I flying to? Well, the Most Magical Place on Earth, of course!

Later this week we’re heading to Walt Disney World!

We’ll be there 6 days (including arrival and departure days), and will be hitting all four parks at least once. I’m hoping that the combination of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening at the end of the summer and the recent opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure over at Universal will keep the crowd levels down while we’re there. We’ll see.

I plan on doing some research and fact-checking while I’m there (the new book is written from the POV of being inside the Magic Kingdom). I may also try to get some pics of The Imagineering Pyramid and The Imagineering Process in the parks.


Take Care!