About the Imagineering Toolbox

The Imagineering Toolbox is a collection of tools inspired by Walt Disney Imagineering, the division of The Walt Disney Company responsible for the design and development of Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, shopping areas, and other venues and attractions.

One set of the tools found in the Imagineering Toolbox is the Imagineering Pyramid, comprising 15 practices and principles used by Walt Disney Imagineering in the design and construction of Disney theme parks. The Imagineering Pyramid is described in detail in THE IMAGINEERING PYRAMID: Using Disney Theme Park Design Principles to Develop and Promote Your Creative Ideas, published by Theme Park Press in April 2016.

Another set of tools in the Imagineering Toolbox is the process the Imagineers use to design and build Disney theme park attractions, resorts, and other venues. The Imagineering Process is a simplified version of the process Walt Disney Imagineering uses and can serve as a model for designing and creating any type of creative project. The Imagineering Process is described in detail in THE IMAGINEERING PROCESS: Using the Disney Theme Park Design Process to Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life, published by Theme Park Press in May 2018.