Craving Magic and Nerds Who Make Podcasts


Last week I did an interview about The Imagineering Pyramid and The Imagineering Process with Zach Moore from the Craving Magic and Nerds Who Make podcasts.

Both episodes are now live!

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Another Imagineering Process Update

Here’s another brief update on the status of The Imagineering Process.


I recently was in touch with my publisher, Theme Park Press and it looks like the release will most likely push out into early May. Again, as we get closer I’ll have a better estimate.

I’ve also received a few more testimonial “blurbs” (or jacket quotes) including blurbs from:

As I noted before, as we get closer to the release I’ll share the testimonials here (as well as on Facebook and Twitter), and I’ll also be posting some snippets from the book that provide a high-level look at the seven stages that comprise the Imagineering Process.



Imagineering Process Update


I finished the last of my edits on THE IMAGINEERING PROCESS last weekend, and submitted my final draft to my publisher Theme Park Press yesterday.

As of now we’re looking at a release in Winter/Spring 2018.

I’ll be posting excepts, graphics, and other updates here as we get closer to the release.

I also hope to be able to spend a little more time on posts here in the next few months.

Take care!

Sneak Preview of The Imagineering Process

Hey! Here’s a sneak Preview from “THE IMAGINEERING PROCESS: Using the Disney Theme Park Design Process to Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life”.

From Chapter 11: Another View of The Imagineering Process

If we strip away the details of each stage of the Imagineering Process and boil each down to its core essence or objective, we find a simple but powerful process suitable for nearly any type of creative project.


To bring your creative ideas to life, you…

…define your overall objective, including what you can do, can’t do, and must do when developing and building your project. (Prologue)

…create a vision with enough detail to be able to explain, present, and sell it to others. (Blue Sky)

…develop and flesh-out your vision with enough additional detail to explain what needs to be designed and built. (Concept Development)

…develop the plans and documents that describe and explain how your vision will be brought to life. (Design)

…build the actual project, based on the design developed in the previous stages. (Construction)

…test and validate your design at each stage to help solve and/or prevent problems that may arise during the design and construction process. (Models)

…present your project to your audience, allow them to experience it, and evaluate its success and effectiveness over time. (Epilogue)

This is how the Imagineers bring the Disney parks to life, and you can use it too!

More previews to come!


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Imagineering Process Sneak Peek – An Overview of the Process

This post provides a sneak peek of The Imagineering Process: Using the Disney Theme Park Design Process to Bring Your Creative Ideas to Live.

The “Imagineering Process” is a simplified version of the process Walt Disney Imagineering uses when it designs and builds theme park attractions, resorts, and other venues.

There are seven pieces or stages in the process. Five stages form the core of the process, while the other two serve as Prologue and Epilogue for the process.


The following diagram provides a visual representation of the Imagineering Process. As you can see, the Prologue (Needs, Requirements, and Constraints) leads to the five core stages of the process:

  • Blue Sky
  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Models

These stages in turn lead to the Epilogue (Openings, Evaluations, and Show Quality Standards).

The book will explore each of these stages in more detail, including how each is practiced by Walt Disney Imagineering as well as how each can applied to your own creative ideas and projects.



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