An Update on Book #3, and a trip to the World


I’m making steady (if sometimes slow) progress on book #3 of The Imagineering Toolbox series. I still have a few chapters left to write (I think I’m at about 80-85% complete), but have enough done that I plan to do some proofreading and editing on the plane.

Where am I flying to? Well, the Most Magical Place on Earth, of course!

Later this week we’re heading to Walt Disney World!

We’ll be there 6 days (including arrival and departure days), and will be hitting all four parks at least once. I’m hoping that the combination of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening at the end of the summer and the recent opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure over at Universal will keep the crowd levels down while we’re there. We’ll see.

I plan on doing some research and fact-checking while I’m there (the new book is written from the POV of being inside the Magic Kingdom). I may also try to get some pics of The Imagineering Pyramid and The Imagineering Process in the parks.


Take Care!

Video of Southborough Library Imagineering Process Talk


As I mentioned in this post, last month I gave a talk about The Imagineering Process at the Southborough Library.

Southborough Access Media recorded the talk and has posted it on their YouTube channel, or you can watch it here:

I probably babbled and rambled a bit and here there, but overall I think the talk went pretty well.

Once again, I want to say a public Thank You to the Southborough Library for hosting me, and to everyone who attended.

Take care!

Imagineering Process Endnotes

Looking for more information about the sources quoted in The Imagineering Process? If so, I’m here to help!


My final draft of The Imagineering Process contained more than 180 endnotes. During the editing process, my publisher felt, and I agreed, that extensive endnotes weren’t ideal for the audience we were aiming for, and so we cut the endnotes from the final published version of the book. However, I thought there might be some readers who might be interested to see the endnotes, and so I’m making them available here.

You can download the Imagineering Process Endnotes here.  This is  also available from the Resources page.

So what are you waiting for? Go download the endnotes  today!

Interview on the My Disney Class Podcast


My interview about The Imagineering Process on the My Disney Class podcast is now available. You can find on iTunes, Stitcher, and Libsyn. It’s also available on other podcast apps and services (such as Overcast).

I really enjoyed chatting with Howie and Ryan about the new book and about applying Imagineering practices and principles to instructional design and education.

Podcast Interviews and Other Promotions


I’ve recently done a handful of podcast interviews about The Imagineering Process and I wanted to post about where you can find them (I’ll post more details when I have them) and another event coming up soon.

Back in May, Zach Moore interviewed me for two podcasts: Episode 6 of Craving Magic and Episode 5 of Nerds Who Make. I posted about these a while back, but thought it worth mentioning again.

More recently I was on Episode 129 of The Mouse Knows Best Podcast. I chatted with Jenn and Joe about The Imagineering Process and about my recent Walt Disney World vacation. In particular we talked about our “4 Parks in 1 Day” adventure. I’m working on a trip report where I’ll talk about the trip a bit more.

Last week I did an interview with Howie DiBlasi and Ryan Boeckman from the My Disney Class podcast, talking about applying the Imagineering Process to education. That episode is scheduled to air on August 15.

I also did an interview with Dan Heaton from The Tomorrow Society podcast. We talked about my books, Imagineering and Disney parks, as well as the Apollo Space Program and one of my all-time favorite TV series, From the Earth to the Moon. That may seem like an odd set of topics, but it’s not quite as disparate as it may appear. That episode is slated to air later in the month.

Lastly, in September I’m going to be doing a talk about The Imagineering Process at the Southborough Library (my hometown library). If you’re in the area I’d love to see you there.