This page provides links to various Disney and Imagineering related websites and other online content.


My Imagineering Library on Pinterest

I maintain a board on Pinterest where I post books, videos, and other resources in my “Imagineering Library.” These are various resources about Imagineering and the design and building of Disney theme parks, including books written about the Disney parks, as well as books written about the Imagineering process by current and former Imagineers. You can find my Imagineering Library here.

The Imagineering Pyramid on Facebook

I maintain a page on Facebook for The Imagineering Pyramid where I post reviews, excerpts, and other promotional news.

Imagineering Field Guide Indices

As part of my research and on-going interest in Imagineering, I created indices for all six of the Imagineering Field Guides, noting every reference to Imagineering terms and concepts, attraction names, Imagineers, and illustrations. I later combined the indices into a single master index of all the Imagineering Field Guides.