Whether you’ve read The Imagineering Pyramid and you’re looking for more, or you just want a taste of what the book has to offer, the resources on this page can help you learn more about the Imagineering Toolbox.

Imagineering Model Presentation

The Imagineering Toolbox began as a presentation entitled “The Imagineering Model” I gave at a learning and training conference in 2011 and later updated for a webinar I presented in 2013. The Imagineering Model also includes a simplified version of the process the Imagineers use when designing and building attractions.

The Imagineering Process – An Overview

This page provides a high-level overview at the Imagineering Process.

The Imagineering Pyramid  – An Overview

This page provides a high-level overview at the Imagineering Pyramid and the principles it comprises.

Imagineering Pyramid Discussion Guide

Reading The Imagineering Pyramid in your book group or at your workplace?

The Imagineering Pyramid Discussion Guide is designed to help facilitate group discussions about the book, and includes questions about each principle, as well as about how the Imagineering Pyramid principles apply to game design, instructional design, and leadership/management.

Download the Imagineering Pyramid Discussion Guide here.

Imagineering Pyramid Workbook

This workbook is designed to help you apply the principles outlined in The Imagineering Pyramid to your own creative projects and ideas.

For each of the principles in the Imagineering Pyramid, this workbook provides the Imagineering Pyramid Checklist questions along with space where you can jot down answers to the questions and notes about how you can apply the principle to your project.

The workbook is form-enabled so you use it either in hard-copy or electronic format.

Download the Imagineering Pyramid Workbook here.

Imagineering Pyramid Endnotes

My final draft of The Imagineering Pyramid contained more than 150 endnotes, but during the editing process, my publisher felt, and I agreed, that such extensive endnotes weren’t ideal for the audience we were aiming for, and so we cut the endnotes from the final published version of the book. However, I thought there might be some readers who might be interested to see the endnotes from my final draft, and so I’m making them available.

Note that because the notations have been removed from the book’s text, you’ll have to figure out how the notes align with the book on your own. In most cases this should be fairly easy, but it’s possible that some quotes were cut during the editing process. Enjoy!

Download the Imagineering Pyramid Endnotes here.